Valentine’s Day Centers and Activities

Valentine'sDay Centers for Preschool

Are you looking for some Valentine’s Day learning centers and activities? In this post, I’m sharing my favorite preschool and pre-k Valentine’s Day activities that are sure to add fun and learning to your February plans.

My FAVORITE Pre-K Valentine’s Day Centers and Activities!

No theme is complete without some matching books so here is a peek at a few of my top picks for Valentine’s Day themed books for preschool and pre-k aged children.

Valentine's Day Kids Books

The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond

The Biggest Valentine Ever by Steven Kroll

In My Heart by Jo Witek

There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Rose by Lucille Colandro

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Carolyn Otto

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Carolyn Otto

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I’ll definitely be adding these books to our learning shelf for easy grab and browse reading over the week!

Now for some hands-on centers and activities! I love a good themed center that is engaging and fun! My pre-K Valentine’s Day Centers pack is full of hands-on centers that are perfect for the classroom or at home learning.

Pre-K Valentine’s Day Math Centers

valentines math center

Counting Umbrella Hearts

This center is perfect for working on number identification and counting. Candy hearts make the perfect Valentine’s Day counting manipulative and of course are a sweet little treat too. 🙂

valentine's day shape center

Love Bug Shapes

Here is a fun way to work on 2D shape recognition! Add these adorable love bug shape cards to a fun tub of fake flower petals then pick a shape, name it, and cover it on the leaf mat!

valentine measurement

Dino Mite Measurement

I can’t get over how adorable these DINOS are!!! I absolutely love this Valentine’s Day measurement center because it is such an inviting way to practice nonstandard measurement. You can use candy hearts for measuring or any other counters.

ten frame counting mats

Valentine Counting Mats

I’m excited to use these Play-Doh counting mats for practicing number formation and counting. This resource includes a mats for numbers 1-10 and they can easily be laminated or added to dry erase pouches for quick prep.

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Valentine What’s Missing – Number Order

Is your child ready to write numbers? Pull out these number strips and have fun practicing writing numbers while telling what comes next.

preschool number centers

Buzzing Spin & Cover

Did you know that instantly recognizing a set of objects is called subitizing? This is an important skill that littles learn as they move on from one to one counting to instantly recognizing numbers – they can look at group of numbers and just know! In this activity, children will spin a spinner (these clear spinners are AMAZING!) and practice quickly identifying numbers 1-6 on the mat.

Pre-K Valentine’s Day Literacy Centers

valentine's day writing tray

Valentine’s Day Writing Tray

The first literacy center activity I want to share with you today is this writing tray.

Writing trays are perfect for building fine motor skills as well as practicing early writing skills.

I found this wooden tray at Target (it actually is from a lacing card set) and have reused it for this activity. To create your own writing tray just fill a shallow tray with salt and add these letter or number cards. In addition, set out some candy hearts so your child can outline the letter they’ve practiced with the hearts.

Alphabet Punch Cards

If you can find a way to tie in fine motor practice to an activity, DO IT! For instance, these alphabet punch cards provide an engaging way to practice letter id while working on fine motor skills by having your child use a hole puncher to punch each matching letter.

alphabet centers for kids

Dino-Mite Letters

Speaking of letter recognition, these dino clip cards are another fun Valentine’s themed center that can be used to work on letter ID. My girls love when they can use clothespins in activities, however if your child isn’t ready to use clothespins you can have them cover the matching letter with an object instead.

valentine rhyming center


One of my favorite ways to practice rhyming is through games! This fun “say the rhyme” game is easy to prep (just one page) and perfect for littles who are just starting to learn to rhyme.

valentine's day literacy centers

Buzzing Beginning and Ending Sounds

As your child begins to recognize letters and sounds you can start talking bout what sounds they hear at the beginning and end of words. In this center, children will look at a picture card then identify the words beginning or ending sound.

valentine tracing strips

Valentine ABC Strips

These themed abc tracing strips are awesome because kids can pull them out and complete them on their own! Laminate and pair with dry erase markers so they can be used again and again.

Hands-On Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas

hands-on valentine's day ideas

In addition to the amazing printable centersI shared above, this resource also includes a variety of themed activity ideas! These four pictures represent just some of the ideas included (science, sensory, craft). My goal with this center pack is that not only will you have printable activities, but also themed ideas you can pair with your learning!

No more searching Pinterest! This Valentine’s Day Center and Activities pack has it all!

I know when I do activities with my girls it is important to have learning centers, printable, and playful activities! Our littles learn best through repetition and play! It is always my goal to keep things fun and I sure hope you’ll take a moment to see if this Pre-K activity pack is something your littles would like too.

Pin and Save the image below and reach out if you have any questions.

Valentine'sDay Centers for Preschool

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