FREE Letter Mats and how to use them!

If you’re in need of FREE simple letter mats then I’m excited to share that these A-Z print and go printables are now in the shop!

These alphabet letter mats look very simple with just the upper/lowercase letter outline and one beginning sound picture to match, BUT we use them all the time and the possibilities for using these are endless!

These letter mats are great for practicing letter identification and formation. Just print and pair with objects for outlining and supplies for decorating for quick review and practice.


Here’s a little run down on how we use these mats!

1. Introduce the Letter – Example “This is the letter Aa. Aa makes the sound /a/. A /a/ Apple!” Have your little repeat and say it with you. Invite them to think of other words that start with that sound.

2. Letter Formation – Let’s talk about how to make the letter. Explain and model how to form each letter then invite them to do it with you by FINGER TRACING both the upper and lowercase letters.

3. BUILD the Letter – Pull out small manipulatives, play dough, mini erasers, beans, etc. Invite them to form the letter by filling it in.

4. DECORATE the Letter – Grab some supplies and decorate the letter! Get creative! Think apple prints for Aa. Painting with cars for Cc. Zebra colored stripes for Zz.

Have fun! Early alphabet learning is all about exposure and repetition over here so this is just one way to get in a little letter practice. Be sure to grab your FREE set in the shop HERE and tag us on Instagram @engaging_littles if you enjoy using the sheets.



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