10 Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

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It’s February and you’re looking for some doable Valentine’s Day activities to do with your kids.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with 10 must do Valentine’s Day themed activity ideas that are perfect for preschoolers.

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1. I Love You Because…

February is all about LOVE so why not share the reasons why we love each other with this fun and easy “I love you because…” idea.



A. Draw a large heart on a sheet of paper and write “I love you because…” across the top.

B. Invite your child to decorate their heart and add things they love to the middle of the heart.

C. Tape the heart poster to your child’s door on Febraury 1st and each day invite family members to write something they love about the person around the outside of the heart.

2. Valentine’s Day Potion Station

This is one messy holiday activity that you must-try!

potion making for kids valentine's day



For this activity I like to take a large underbed storage bin and use it as a base bin. This helps contain the mess!

Then, I grab various bowls and cups and set them inside the bin. I add a few spatulas and spoons for stirring too!

Next, I fill a few cups with baking soda, a few with shaving cream, and even one with some prepped water beads for added fun!

Last, I fill a squeeze bottle with a mixture of water and vinegar. I add a little red food dye for color. I also fill a cup with the same water/vinegar mixture and toss some drops inside for squeezing.

Now you’re ready to play!

3. FREE Preschool Valentine Plan

Need even more ideas? This preschool plan includes 6 doable Valentine’s Day activity ideas that you can print and use with your preschool this week.

valentine simple activities for kids

4. ABC Heart Hunt & Match

Get your preschooler up and moving with this fun and easy heart hunt and match activity.

kids valentine activity ideas


  • Foam Hearts
  • Art Roll Paper
  • Markers


A. Write letters on foam hearts and hide them around your house.

B. Write the same letters on a large sheet of art roll paper.

C. Have your child hunt around the house for hearts, say each letter name and sound, then run back to the large paper to match the heart letter.

5. Love Bug Numbers

Your preschooler will love this cute Valentine’s Day themed counting idea!

preschool number counting activity


  • Sheet of Paper
  • Markers
  • Deck of Cards


A. Draw a cute simple love bug on a sheet of paper. Add lots of open hearts to its center.

B. Pull out all the face cards in a deck of cards and flip them upside down.

C. Ask your child to flip a card, identify the number, then have them color that many hearts.

D. Keep playing until all hearts have been colored in.

6. FREE I Spy V-Day Print

In need of a fun print and go freebie for Valentine’s Day? This I SPY V-Day kids activity is ready for you to download and use now! Ask your child to find each picture and write how many of each they find.

7. Dot Heart Art

Let’s make a fun heart craft using construction paper and my favorite dot markers!

easy kids valentine's day craft


  • Dot Markers
  • Construction Paper
  • Elmer’s Glue


A. Use dot markers to cover an entire sheet of paper with paint dots. Let it dry.

B. Fold a colored sheet of construction paper in half hamburger style. Start at the bottom folded corner and cut a half heart shape. Open it up and reveal your heart.

C. Glue the cut hole heart shape sheet to the top of your colored dot paper.

8. Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast Plate

I love adding a little themed fun to snacks and meals around the holidays! This idea isn’t fancy, BUT I promise your kids will love it. Remember, things don’t have to take lots of time to be fun!

kids valentine breakfast

To add some holiday fun to an every day breakfast simply add candy heart eyes, sprinkles, and cut those strawberries into heart shapes! So CUTE!

9. Word Family Envelope Kids Activity

Is your little one working on reading simple word family words? This heart envelope activity is easy to prep and great for building early reading skills.

SAVE this kids Valentine’s Day idea now!

kindergarten valentine's day themed ideas



A. Write a word family ending on the back of an envelope.

B. Cut small paper hearts out of construction paper and write a letter on each heart. Place the hearts in the word family envelope. Each letter should make a matching word family word.

C. Have you child pick a heart and place it in front of the word family ending to read each word.

10. Large Valentine’s Day Activity Mat

Kids love LARGE activities so this Valentine themed activity mat was such a hit with mt girls and I think your kids will like it too!

preschool valentine's day ideas

For this one, roll out a sheet of art roll paper and simply draw little activities on it. A few fun ideas include: tic-tac-toe, decorate a heart, love is…writing, trace hearts, counting flowers, word-search, etc. Anything goes!

I sure hope you have fun with these TEN easy Valentine’s Day themed kids activities! Let me know which idea is your favorite and be sure to SAVE these to use all February month long!

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