TEN Must Have Kids Activity Supplies

Gearing up to do activities at home with your kids? Here is a list of my favorite must have activity supplies to have on hand so you’re ready to do an activity anytime you need.

As a mom of two who loves to do quick, easy prep activities with her kids, these are the activity supplies that I always seem to grab!

Kids activities are something I love to prep to keep my kids engaged, build connection, provide practice and learning. I like to keep things SIMPLE and DOABLE because life is busy. Maybe you are someone who wants to do a full homeschool preschool year with your child or maybe you’re just a mom who needs a quick setup kids activity so you can sip your coffee.

Either way, THESE SUPPLIES are the ones to stock up on.

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1. Art Roll Paper

Honestly I never knew how much I loved having a roll of art paper on hand for activities until I didn’t have it on hand. Seriously, you can use this for everything! Crafts, learning activities, put under things for easy clean up…. trust me you need this!

2. Colorful Dot Stickers

These are one of those items that once you have them you just start to think of all kinds of ways to use them. They are awesome to add fun to learning style activities, but also so great for building fine motor skills (don’t forget to peel off the backing for littles still working on this). Find my Favorite Dot Stickers Here!

3. Markers

Everyone has to have a set of colorful markers on hand if you’re planning to do any type of kids activities. Crayola is my favorite. They always work and I can pick up a pack just about anywhere.

4. Masking Tape

I’ll be honest and say at first I wasn’t sure I would like colorful masking tape BUT then I ordered some and fell in love! Colorful masking tape can be added to tables and walls for fun learning lessons and of course it’s fun to use in crafts or on fine motor trays. Find your perfect rainbow pack here!

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5. Construction Paper

I think we all know that having colored construction paper on hand is a MUST! You just need it!

6. Sticky Notes

If you are a sticky note person then you probably already have these on hand, but did you know kids also LOVE sticky notes?! It’s true! Write things on them, stick them up inside or outside, then watch your kiddos get excited as they hunt around your house for letters, numbers, or shapes. Try it and have these Post-Its ready for all kinds of activities.

7. Magnetic Letters & Numbers

If you are a mom kiddos in that toddler- kindergarten age range then having a good set of magnetic letters and numbers is a must! Toss them in sensory bins, stick them on a cookie tray, hide them in Easter eggs – such a good supply to have on hand!

8. Some Type of Counter

Small loose parts for counting activities are a key for littles. You can use a variety of items for this purpose. A few of my favorites include bear counters, popsicle sticks, or unifix cubes.

9. Foam Dice

Large foam dice can be used in multiple kids activities and are perfect for little ones working on developing those subtizing skills. These ones are a great size!

10. Tools

Sounds odd but having a set of kid tongs and droppers can be helpful for activities. They provide lots of fine motor practice and add to the fun!

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