I’m not sure about you, but I like to keep to a routine and I find it helpful to kick off our learning time at home with the same thing each day.

I created these SIMPLE basic skills mats as a way to ensure that I REVIEW basic preschool skills  (LETTERS, NUMBERS, SHAPES, COLORS) each day.
I am a big believer that learning happens through play, talking, reading, and just exploring BUT a quick daily review helps littles to recall information and is a great way to give littles exposure to these skills.
I have included 26 mats one for each letter of the alphabet and then 11 shapes, 11 colors, and the numbers 0-10 (these items will be REPEATED on the mats).
Again, for us, this is meant to just be a QUICK DAILY REVIEW/EXPLORATION of skills. I’m talking 10 minutes or less and that’s with getting them up and moving!
Keep it engaging by not using it just as a worksheet, but USE IT AS MORE OF A GUIDE. Here’s one example of what you could do for each category included.
If your little is ready, they can write or trace their name. If they are not, or to switch it up, pull out letter tiles and have them build their name or write the beginning letter of their name on paper and have them decorate it.
Start off by singing an alphabet song or using flashcards to chant/sing all letters in the alphabet. Then quickly review the focus letter. Again, they can trace or color the letter then have them get up and hunt for something that starts with that letter, or post up sticky notes around the house with that letter that they quickly find.
Start by standing up and stomping/clapping as you orally count out lout (count to 10, 20, etc.) Then review the focus number. Finger trace it, color it, build it with mini erasers, get up and go hunt for 2 toys, etc.
Sing or watch a song on YouTube about shape names. Review the focus shape. Talk about the shape, how to draw it, and where they see it in real life. You can cut out some shapes and have them find all of the focus shapes for that day. You can sketch objects that are that shape as you talk, etc.
Sing a colors song then review the color word. Invite them to get up and find things in that color.
Keep it FUN, QUICK, and ENGAGING. Grab the mats HERE or by clicking on the photo above and be sure to let me know if you have any questions. 
**LOOKING for the simple LETTER MAT posted in the photo too? Check this post and grab it HERE!**

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