Summer Watermelon Fine Motor

You know you’re an activity mom when you see some RED Jell-O and automatically think of how you can use it to build fine motor skills.
Yep, today I’m sharing how you can turn a simple box of Jell-O into a hands-on sensory fine motor building activity! WOAH!

Your littles are going to LOVE this one!
The prep is EASY and the ENGAGEMENT HIGH!

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Here’s what you’ll need to prep your own WATERMELON JELL-O DIG!
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Here’s what to do:
Grab a simple box of red Jell-O and prepare it according to the box directions. Pour half of the Jell-O mix into the pie pan and sprinkle in a handful of dried black beans. Place in the fridge for about 1.5 hours then pull it out and pour in the rest of the liquid Jell-O. Add in another sprinkle of dried black beans and refrigerate until your Jell-O is set and ready!

Once your Jell-O is set, pull it out and set the pan on top of a green sheet of paper. TADAA! Now it looks like a watermelon! 🙂 Remember we went with a watermelon theme and this just added to our SUMMER fun theme BUT again, any color Jell-O and no paper would work just fine. 🙂
Invite your little over to check out the Jell-O and hand them a set of tongs. Ask them to dig and pick out all the seeds.

Watch as they have FUN working on those FINE MOTOR skills! All that squeezing, opening, and closing will really help to strengthen those little hand muscles.

Both of my girls thought this was so fun! They really like the texture of the Jell-O, thought the watermelon theme was AWESOME, and I liked how the squishiness of the Jell-O added a bit of a challenge!
What are your favorite activities to do for improving fine motor skills? Is this hands-on idea one you’ll add to your list? Let us know!


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