Movement Songs for Littles

We all know littles are BUSY!  Running, playing, exploring… it seems like their energy is endless!  I know my girls rarely sit still, so today I want to share with you a list of our favorite movement songs for littles.  These songs are great for getting the wiggles out, working on gross motor skills, and JUST PLAIN FUN!

The Laurie Berner Band has to be one of my girls’ absolute favorites!  This YouTube music channel is full of great music and movement songs for littles.  Whenever we need to move we always check here first.  “We are the Dinosaurs” is one I think your kiddos will love just as much as mine.

The Kiboomers Freeze Dance is super fun for working on gross motor skills and practicing stop and go movements.  My girls always enjoy “hopping” around the living room and yelling “FREEZE” as loud as they can. 
One of the SILLIEST songs is Tooty Ta by Jack Hartman.  Oh my goodness guys!  Seriously, I can’t stop laughing when my two year old follows along to this dance.  If you’re looking for a good giggle, turn this one on for LOTS OF FUN!
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes is an oldie BUT always great for kids!  It’s not only fun, but teaches them body parts too!  I really like this one because it’s simple and keeps it slow for young learners. 
BABY SHARK!  I can’t leave it out, no matter how much I want to because it is just too good to leave out.  I don’t know why, but it seems ALL kiddos like this song.  We always go for the original version seen here.  What about you?
Patty Shukla Kids TV is another favorite children’s music channel on YouTube for us.  She is awesome and has a lot of fun songs for preschoolers.  This song is called Jump! and is sure to have your littles moving all around!
Shake Your Sillies Out is a great action filled choice!  They shake, clap, jog, jump, and stretch their wiggles away. 
The Goldfish song is super fun for littles and will have them giggling!  Your kids will enjoy “swimming” around to the tune and then laughing when they act out things like “goldfish brushing their hair?”

We absolutely LOVE movement songs!  We turn them on in the mornings, when the girls need a change in activity, or to help with the afternoon craziness.  Do you use movement songs at home to get out the wiggles?  What are your favorites?

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