On the Go Busy Bags

Calling all mamas!  Have you ever been out and about and the crazy strikes?!  I mean, little ones and patience don’t always go together, therefore as a mama of two, I always carry a simple busy bag with me for those times when the girls get crazy and need a little distracting to make it through.

Waiting in the doctor’s office? – Busy Bag!
Dinner out? – Busy Bag!
Long Car Ride? – Busy Bag!

You name it, the busy bag is there to save the day!  Here’s a look at a super simple and cheap way to make your very own bag.  Stuff it in the diaper bag or your backpack and you’re set to go!

So there you have it!  A pencil case filled with easy activities that are sure to keep your kiddos busy so you can breathe!  HA!  Do you have a busy bag that you carry with you when you’re out?
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