Storage and Supplies (My Must-Have List)

Ok, let’s talk storage and activity supplies!  First up, I’m going to show you a picture of how I store what we have, BUT I want to start by saying that you definitely DO NOT need all of this (like not even close!) and after I tell you a little bit about how we store things over here,  I’m going to list out my MUST-HAVE activity supplies that we use weekly.  Sound good?

The full shelf below is in our garage and where I store ALL. The. Things.  Literally, this is a collection of supplies gathered over the years and how I store them.  It might not be the prettiest, but it does the job and right now it’s what I have and works.

Here’s a look at the shelf with some info about the containers I have on it.  We actually have several of these large shelves in our garage and as my piles grew, I took one over, used what we had, and now this rack is mine (and I will soon need another -HA!).

Here’s a closer look at the tubs, so you can get a better idea of what I have.  My best advice would be to lay out what you need to store, seperate/organize/clean out what you have, then fill bins in a way that works for you. These labels are a FREEBIE from The Creative Classroom and can be found by clicking HERE.

Now that I’ve given you a little look out how I store our activity supplies, let’s chat my MUST-HAVES!!!  If you follow my IG you’ll recognize most, if not all, of these supplies because we use them ALL THE TIME.  These are my GO-TO supplies and if we’re stocked with these we have what we need to do all kinds of activities and projects!

This list is not written in any order and although I have included Amazon affiliate links for most items, many of these can be purchased from various stores like Amazon, Dollar Tree, Target, Wal-Mart, Michaels, etc.


-Bin: Yep, we need some type of medium-large size bin.  Why?  We use ours for sensory bins, water play, and basically to just keep the mess contained.  Underbed storage bins like these work great or for a smaller option, we love our 15 Qt. Sterilite Case.
Art Easel Paper:  I am a big fan of large rolls of paper.  There is just something about using a BIG sheet verse a little that makes things more fun!
Markers: A set of good old’ Crayola does the job just fine because you never know when you’ll need all the colors of the rainbow.
Construction Paper: This to me, just makes sense. Get a variety pack and you’re set!
Food Dye: Water table activities, dyeing pasta/rice/beans, sensory jars, etc.  Household food dye works just fine.
Play-Doh:  You can totally make your own (it’s really easy!), but if not Play-Doh brand works awesome.
Magnetic Letters
Paint: Washable and ready for all kinds of crafty projects!
-Stickers:  I LOVE our bright DOT stickers and we also have a supply of random stickers because stickers are not only great for building fine motor skills but you can use them in counting activities, to practice letter and number formation, for writing silly stories, for making little books, etc.
Fine Motor Tools: This is a nice little set to have on hand for sensory bins.  We also like to use measuring cups, spoons, kitchen tongs, droppers, etc.
Painter’s Tape: Yep!  We like to create letters, shapes, walking lines, and of course, use it to hang/tape down things.
-Bingo Daubers:  Our favorite brand dot markers are Do-A-DOT and we like to use them for arts and crafts, counting activities, letter/number formation, etc.  I like that they are easy to pull out and no mess!
Pom-Poms:  These are a MUST!  We use our pom-poms in sensory bins, for sorting, on contact paper sticky walls, in arts and crafts… you name it!

And that’s a wrap!  Again, this is just a list of what I like to have on hand and feel like if I do, I can set up an activity in no time.  Let me know what questions you have.  Happy learning!


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