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I am excited (and nervous) to share that we have made the decision to homeschool both of our girls for this school year. Riley will be in kindergarten and Zoey, who recently turned 3, will officially start her first year of preschool. 

With our school decision made (Have you made yours? I know it’s not easy!), it was time to start thinking about our ROUTINE!  What would our every day look like? How would we fit everything in? And what type of rhythm would work best for us? No matter what you’re doing for school this year, I encourage you to sit down and develop some type of daily routine that will work for you and your family.

Today I’m sharing our daily homeschool routine and hope that it inspires and gives you some ideas for how you might set up your day. You can grab the printable template and cards for FREE at the bottom of this post. Remember everyone’s routine looks different and you have to make it work for YOUR family.

With that, HERE IT IS!

I often get asked about the time, or for how long we do things, so I did include times on this daily routine chart BUT note, that I really see this as more of a flexible routine that just works for most days. I could easily just jot things down like a list and they would flow the same way every day for us. 

6 AM: WAKE-UP: Yes, my girls are EARLY BIRDS, always have been so they are up by about 6:15 every single day! HA! I really like to start the day with NO T.V. so I pull out books, maybe set out a simple activity, and we start our day that way. About 20 minutes after wake-up we all eat breakfast together.

7 AM (or so): It’s time to clean up from the morning then we all head upstairs to get ready for the day. During this time I help the girls make their beds, brush their teeth, do their hair, and get dressed. After they are all ready, they free play, while I get ready.

8:30 AM: This year we are traditionally homeschooling so I decided to add an official  HOMESCHOOL BLOCK to our daily routine. This will last about two hours each day, but of course, it just depends on how slowly or quickly we move through things. Note that within this block of time there will be movement, a snack break, one-on-one academic learning time, hands-on practice, independent practice, crafts… so all the things – basically WE WON’T just be sitting at a table for two hours straight. 🙂

*With Riley in kindergarten this year I know she will need a few more focused set lesson times, so this year with Zoey, my preschooler, I will be creating a small learning activity shelf that she can choose from. The activities on this shelf will be from Pre-K Themed sets and I am excited to share more with you about this SOON!

10:30 AM: I decided to wrap up our homeschool block with outdoor time each day. This is the perfect time for a family walk or bike ride or just some good backyard play!

11:30 AM: Time to EAT LUNCH then quiet time for EVERYONE! This is key in our house. We all need time to reset and rest. You can read more about our quiet time routine here.

1:30 PM: As we ease into the afternoon the girls get a little bit of T.V. time. Adding it to our routine at a set time each day keeps it predictable and helps my girls know when it is coming so they don’t ask for it all day. After that, we have snack time then usually around this time of day we get back outside or engage in some messy sensory play fun!

4 PM: Hubby is off work and that means family and dinner time!

6:45 PM: We made it! Time to head upstairs for our bedtime routine (bath, brush teeth, reading). Lights out around 7:15pm.

WHOO! What a day! HAHA! In all seriousness, this routine is just what works for our family. Even before adding in the full homeschool block this has and is what our day looks like. 

Want the routine template and chart cards for FREE? 

PowerPoint Routine Chart (pages 4-7 editable)

PDF Routine Picture Cards

*This is a ZIP file and includes a PPT file and a PDF.


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