Fun Reading Pointers

Do you have a beginning reader in your house? Try making your own reading pointers to add fun and build engagement for tracking print!

These reading pointers are EASY to make and add motivation for new readers!

When littles begin to read it is important that they track print by pointing to the words so that their eyes work together with their hands to read each word from left to right. 

You might hear your child’s teacher say something like, “remember to point to the words as you read.” This is to help beginning readers focus on print and practice directionality. Many times you also see early elementary teachers modeling this as they read with their students.

So today I want to share one fun way to build extra excitement for reading – READING POINTERS!

I always loved using reading pointers in the classroom and my kiddos did too!


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Time to create!

Set out the tray of supplies and invite your littles to create! That’s it! EASY!

Once they have made their sticks add them to their reading basket, set them in a jar for picking, or have them keep them in their pencil cases to pull out during reading time. 

These also can be used when practicing beginning reading skills such as pictured here when my littlest was tracking print as she identified letter names. See the activity above in this post.

I promise your kiddos will think these are so COOL and they really just add a touch of extra fun to reading time!

Will you be making your own reading pointers?


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