Coffee Filter Hearts

The girls LOVE a good heart-themed activity so I pulled together a few supplies and we made COFFEE FILTER HEARTS!

Have you ever made coffee filter art? If not, add this to your February plans because it’s so FUN and SIMPLE!

This is such an easy prep hands-on activity that works those fine motor skills and even ties in a little science.

Just a few supplies, probably ones you have on hand, and you’re all set to create beautiful tie-dyed hearts.

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Coffee Filters
Washable Markers

-Take a stack (4-6) of coffee filters and cut them into a heart shape.
-Use markers to decorate the hearts.
-Set a heart on a flat surface and use the dropper to squeeze water over the coffee filter.

WATCH! What is happening? WAIT! Let your kiddos observe and talk about what they see.

You should notice that the colors begin to bleed together and create a tie-dye effect.

SO COOL! Set aside and repeat as many times as you’d like to create beautiful HEARTS!

Once dry these coffee filter hearts are perfect for Valentine’s Day crafts, cards, or even for making a banner. Set them out for all to enjoy!

Will this be on your list of MUST-DO February activities???

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