Combining water beads and shaving cream has to be one of the greatest things EVER!!!!  I’m serious!  My girls went crazy over this activity and were engaged for over an HOUR!  Whoop! Whoop!  Can you say #momwin!

Ok, so for this activity all you really need are two main things: water beads and shaving cream.  Now of course adding in bowls, scoops, spoons, cupcake pans, and any other “kid friendly” items from the kitchen adds to the fun, but really just a bin with water beads and shaving cream will do.

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water beads
shaving cream
large bin
-bowls, cupcake tins, scoops, spoons… any “kid friendly” kitchen items you’d like to add in

Prep a tub of water beads the night before according to package directions.  The next day, when ready to play, add the water beads to a bin or tray then add in some shaving cream.  Set the bin out and let your littles at it!  I suggest making this an outdoor activity as it WILL get messy.  HA!  So set those guidelines before you begin, but remember mess will happen and it’s just part of exploring.

For our own set-up I decided to first separate the water beads and shaving cream by placing the beads in one bin and then adding the shaving cream to cupcake tins.  My girls enjoyed this and it lead to them playing “dessert” shop as they mixed the two together.  I included spoons, extra bowls, and tongs for fun!

At first my youngest HATED the feeling of the shaving cream.  She gave it a little touch and said, “yucky!”  But, the more they played the more she grew to like it and by the end they were both stirring, mixing, squishing, and just having the BEST time uses their senses to explore this combo!

Clean up?  Well, if I’m honest I didn’t do anything special, I just hosed everything, and them, down.  I’d suggest letting things dry a bit, then sweeping the water beads up into a dust pan to collect them before washing things away if you don’t want a collection of water beads sprinkled around your backyard.

Are you ready to give this one a try?

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