Kids Valentine’s Day Themed Potion Station

kids valentine sensory play

It is officially February so that means it is time for all the Valentine’s Day themed FUN! If you’ve never set up a potion making station for your kids here is your chance!

Kids LOVE potion making stations!

Potion making stations are great for sensory play and allow opportunity for stirring, pouring, and EXPERIMENTING!

Sure, this can be a little MESSY, BUT I find this type of open ended play leads to engaged littles for long chunks of time.

Ready to create your own Valentine’s Day themed Love Potion?

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potion making station


Large Bin (under-bed storage works awesome!)

-Bowls, Cups, Spatulas, Spoons in Valentine’s Day Themed Colors

Squeeze Bottle

-Droppers (our favorite KID ones!)


Baking Soda

-Shaving Cream

Food Dye

-Optional: Water Beads ( 1 cup all ready made – just note you will need to use a strainer for clean up if you add these in)


For this activity I like to take a large underbed storage bin and use it as the base. This helps contain the mess!

First, I grabbed various bowls and cups and set them inside the bin. I added a few spatulas and spoons for stirring too!

Then, I filled a few cups with baking soda, a few with shaving cream, and even one with some prepped water beads for added fun!

Next, I filled a squeeze bottle with a mixture of water and vinegar. I added a little red food dye for holiday themed color. I also filled a cup with the same mixture and tossed some drops inside for squeezing.

kids valentine sensory play


Now the fun part begins! It is time to invite your kids to explore and play.

The great thing about potion making stations is there are really no set rules. We want our kids to scoop, stir, mix, pour, and experiment!

I do like to set a few ground rules like…

  1. Keep it in the BIN.
  2. No Throwing Materials
  3. Keep it Safe (not in eyes)

Then, I let them at it! This is your time to sit back and just watch your littles explore and have fun.

valentine potion station

You will be AMAZED at how engaged a simple potion making station keeps kids!

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-Keep a towel and a clean bowl of water nearby for easy hand clean up.

-I recommend this as an outside activity but if doing it inside be sure to put a large sheet under the bin to help contain any mess.

-Parent supervision is advised! This activity is not taste safe and some materials could irritate children’s eyes if it gets in them.

Are you ready to give this Valentine’s Day LOVE potion making station a try?

Let me know and give us a tag on instagram @engaging_littles so we can see all the fun!

valentine's day sensory play
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