Pre-K Summer Themed Activities

We just kicked off the start of SUMMER with some hands-on activities and I’m here to share them with you!


These summer math and literacy centers, just print printables, and hands-on activity ideas are perfect for adding to your summer school plans or just pulling out (like us!) whenever you need an activity to keep those kiddos busy, engaged, and learning!

Here are a few of our favorite summer read alouds! There are so many out there, but these are the ones we keep coming back to.

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Let it Shine! by Maryann Cocca-Leffler
The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli
Summer Days and Nights by Wong Herbert Yee
Gorilla Loves Vanilla by Chae Strathie
Marshmallow Kisses by Linda Brennan


This pick and count activity is great for building number identification and ten frame counting skills. Pair with yellow pom-poms or play dough balls for a fun SUMMER sunshine spin. The set includes a blank mat, ten frame mat, and twenty frame mat so that you can differentiate for your kids.
I absolutely LOVE this activity because it encourages littles to identify each shape by name, form it with play dough, then trace it with a dry erase maker if ready. These 2D shape strips are great for adding to centers or morning bins. The set also includes a pick and trace ice cream shape activity too which would be great for younger preschoolers.
My youngest had so much FUN with this order by size activity! The set includes various summer-themed pictures for your little to match then order from smallest to largest. Toss them in a sensory bin for added fun and if your little is ready, follow up with the included independent color by size printables.
Anyone having a summer picnic? This center activity focuses on recognizing numbers, counting, and even some simple addition. Pick a card, add picnic treats to the mat, and count to tell how many treats you have in all.
If you’re looking for a fun way to practice subitizing skills this spin and cover center is sure to engage. This summer-themed resource includes mats that focus on numbers 1-10. Your little will spin the spinner, identify the number, then cover the matching bubbles (hands, ten frames, and domino representations included).
Are your littles working on color recognition and sorting by attributes (in this case color)? This lemonade color sorting activity is perfect for SUMMER and includes mats and cards for sorting. We like to toss our color cards in a simple sensory bin for added fun BUT this activity would also work great as a hunt! Hand up the main color mats on the wall then hide the color cads around the house. Have your child find and match each color.


I love adding simple alphabet letter recogition activities in all my sets because I’m all about early exposure and repetition. These beach ball themed mats are easy to prep and can be pulled out anytime for a simple recognize and match activity.
My girls are really into rhyming right now so when I pulled out this popsicle match rhyming activity I knew it would be a hit! I love how a good theme makes things exciting and gets littles to practice! For this activity, I cut apart the popsicles and asked the girls to find each rhyming pair.
Hooray for a new themed writing tray! Work on letter and number formation with a simple salt tray. Color the salt with a few drops of food and dye and add in a fun writing tool, like a straw, to spice things up.
Have you checked out our seasonal word cards and activities? This activity is perfect for chatting summer vocabulary, great to use as a write the room activity, or perfect to add in writing centers. The center includes a find and color sheet, read and color sheet, and also a write and color sheet.
This is a set of alphabet cards for practicing both upper and lowercase letter recognition. Invite your child to name the letter then cover all upper and lowercase letters that are the same. This activity does use multiple fonts to show that some letters look different in different fonts.


Each themed set comes with ideas for hands-on activities. All of these activities include materials and directions sheet.
This is hands-down one of my favorite summer crafts and it is SO SIMPLE! Grab a white sheet of paper and cut out a pineapple shape. Use yellow dot markers to dab and paint the entire thing yellow. Trace your littles handprints on green paper and cut them out. Glue the handprints to the top of the pineapple as the crown. Tadaa!! Super CUTE!
If you’re looking for a FUN way to practice patterns this is it! Grab a pool noodle, slice it into small pieces, and pair with various colored paints. Invite your littles to create patterns by dabbing and dotting the pool noodle slices.
This set also includes a simple cut out to create this adorable popsicle puzzle piece name craft. Print on colored paper or white paper to color, then write the letters of your child’s name on each included piece. Once they cuyt out the pieces have them order the letters to make their name.

If you’re searching for a simple science activity to get your kids excited give fireworks in a jar a try! Read more about this activity and how to do this science activity at home with your littles HERE!

Oh my goodness, if I had to suggest just one activity to do this summer – this would be it! My girls went CRAZY over this simple lemonade bin. A tub of water with a squeeze of yellow food dye and sliced lemons was all it took! Add in some tools like tongs, a citrus squuezer, cups, and a pitcher for some pretend play fun!
PS – Don’t forget to check out this AWESOME summer ice cream play dough tray that would pair perfectly with this summer theme!
You guys! There are so many cool activities ands ideas in this set! This is seriously the perfwect pre-k set for summer and is full of activities that your kiddos will love, I know mine did! Let us know if you give any of these a try.

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