Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs

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Calling all DINOSAUR loving kiddos! I’ve got a fun dinosaur science activity that you will love.

My girls are all about fizzy science so when we started to chat about dinosaurs I thought why not take this kids science activity and combine it with our dinosaur theme.

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Fizzy Dinosaurs Eggs are exciting, fun, and perfect for those afternoons at home with your littles.

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Ready to make your own amazing dinosaur activity?


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Mix 3 cups of baking soda and about a  ½ cup of water together to form a paste. Add in a few drops off food dye if you want colored eggs and mix well.

Grab a handful of the baking soda paste and place a toy dinosaur inside. Cover with baking soda paste and use your hands to create an egg shape around the dinosaur.

Set on a cookie tray and FREEZE for 4 or more hours.


Pull the eggs out of the freezer and place them on a deep tray or inside a bin. Set out small cups of vinegar and droppers. Invite your littles to squeeze the vinegar over the eggs and WATCH WHAT HAPPENS! Can you rescue the dinosaur?

This activity is just so fun and engaging for kids! I love listening to children chat about what they hear and see during this hands-on science experiment.

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Do you think your child would like this dinosaur themed activity?

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