Simple Valentine’s Day Kids Craft

Kids Valentine's Day Craft

This fun Valentine’s Day kids craft is simple to make and is perfect for little hands!

We’ve got a new craft hanging on the fridge and we’re pretty excited about it!

kids heart craft

This is one of those ideas that came about on a whim. It was a rainy afternoon and we all needed something to keep us busy. I spotted some valentine foam hearts in my counter mess stack (you know you have one too) and began to ponder what we could do with them.

We love a good kids craft so when I spotted the large bag of mini marshmallows in our kitchen cupboard…

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Marshmallow Heart Art came about!

Valentine's Day Kids Craft

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Here’s how to create your own Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Heart Craft!


Mini Marshmallows

Foam Hearts


Elmer’s Liquid Glue


Now it’s time to put this craft together!

Grab a foam heart and glue it to a piece of cardstock. If you don’t have cardstock regular construction paper will work, but cardstock is definitely more sturdy for a craft like this.

Then, give your child the glue bottle and have them outline the heart with glue.

Valentine's Day Craft for Kids

Squeezing glue bottles is great for fine motor practice. 🙂

After they have outlined their heart with glue have them stick the marshmallows on the glue forming a marshmallow line around the heart.

Let it dry and ENJOY!

Yes, this is made of a sweet treat, so note a few mini marshmallows may be eaten in the process!

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Also, I’m not sure how to preserve this craft, but ours have been hanging on the fridge for a few weeks now and are doing just fine. Keep in mind because we used food to create this craft it probably isn’t one to save for years. HA!

This Valentine’s Day themed Heart Craft makes the perfect simple kids activity. I sure hope you’ll give it a try!

Valentine Kids Heart Craft

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