Peel & Stick Alphabet

Hi there! Today I am here to share another SIMPLE learning activity idea! PEEL AND STICK ALPHABET is super engaging, great for working on fine motor skills, and a fun way to review those LETTERS!

This activity idea stemmed from an “I need an activity now” moment years ago when I was on the plane with my oldest. 

I was scrambling to avoid a MELTDOWN at take-off when I pulled out some tape and put strips all over the tray top. 

For whatever reason this simple activity (TRUST ME, bring tape the next time you fly anywhere with littles) had my girl all engaged as she worked hard to pull the tape off of the tray.

Can you say FINE MOTOR WORK?! YES!

Ok, so basically I took that idea and paired it with the alphabet for this SUPER SIMPLE prep preschool learning activity.

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So let’s start with the basics – WHAT DO YOU NEED TO SET THIS UP?!

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First, tape the paper to the wall. 

Label it with letters. You can choose to do uppercase, lowercase, or a combo of both!

Next, tear off small pieces of masking tape and stick them on the wall. EASY!

Take your marker and label each piece with a MATCHING LETTER from the sheet. Decide if you want your child to work on matching the same case letters or not.

For us, this activity was a lowercase to uppercase letter match!

Now you are READY!

Have your little peel off a letter, identify it (name and sound) then match it to the mat.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE to see this activity in action!

Do you see that fine motor practice happening as she pulls the tape off the wall?

Then she’s naming the letter and searching to find its match! YAY!

Such a great way to practice letter identification!

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So, what do you think? Will you give this activity a try?

Have FUN and give us a tag if you try it out AND don’t forget PIN IT and SAVE it.


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