Alphabet Road

Looking for a FUN and hands-on way to practice letter and sound recognition? This simple setup is it!

Practice and repetition is the name of the game in early learning, so I'm always on the hunt (*read- my brain never shuts off) for ENGAGING ways to review early learning concepts such as LETTERS.

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So, why the ALPHABET ROAD? For starters the setup is EASY!


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Cut out several squares of paper.

Label each square with a letter.

Tape the letters to the floor in a line or way that resembles a road. The letters can be placed in ABC order or for a challenging tape them out of order.

Give your child a toy vehicle and ask them to DRIVE THE ROAD. As they drive down the ALPHABET road invite them to say each letter name and sound.

Drive again and again for added practice!

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My daughters absolutely loved this activity and I found them coming back to drive the road multiple times throughout the day. SCORE!

Tell me when you'll give this activity a try!