Homeschool Curriculum 2020-2021

This year is sure going to look different than I ever expected, but as we edge closer to our official start of school date I get more and more excited to spend another year with my girls here at home – playing, talking, and learning together.

I’ve been getting lots of questions about what curriculum I’ll be using with both girls so I wanted to share with you what we plan to use this year.

Before diving in I just want to say that every homeschool family is different. We all have different styles, setups, reasons for why we are homeschooling, and different reasons for why we might choose certain curriculums. So as you look through our list, remember that this is what I have chosen for my family and what we are going to start our year off with. There are tons of wonderful curriculums out there and I encourage you to think about your family needs/goals, then research and sample curriculums before making your choice. 

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With that, let’s first start by chatting about a few things I’ll do with both my girls each morning. Each morning when the girls come down there will be books out for browsing and reading. I want to continue to build that love of reading and that means giving the girls lots of time to read. There will be all types of books available and hopefully, we will be able to head to the library again soon so we can add more to the mix.

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During breakfast I have chosen a few books we will read together each day. This will be a wonderful time for us to read and chat and just ease into the day. 

The Jesus Storybook Bible

A Kids’ Guide to Manners by Katherine Flannery

Zoey – Preschool Age 3

-Calendar Time (following my Kindergarten Calendar Binder Routine – she’s not ready for all the pages)

My Pre-K Themed Sets: This year I will pick and pull various math and literacy style centers from these sets and set them up on a learning shelf. This shelf will also include a themed sensory bin, books, other themed toys/games, hands-on ideas, etc. She will get to choose what activities she wants to do and I will help guide her learning as needed. Structured learning time at this age is about 15-20 minutes.

Just Dab Letters, Numbers, Shapes Printables

Alphabet Letter Mats

-*Science & Social Studies: Zoey will just join the fun with big sis!

Riley – Kindergarten

Kindergarten Calendar Binder

-Reading: All About Reading Level 1 

-Math: Singapore Primary Mathematics (Common Core Edition)

My Pre-K Themed Sets (Enrichment, Hands-On Activities, Adjust Themed Centers for Independent Practice)

-Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears

-Science & Social Studies: Mix of Kindergarten Workbooks (Evan – Moore & DK Workbooks) As well as themed hands-on ideas and lessons that I create based on the kindergarten standards.

AND PLAY!!!! LOTS OF PLAY!!!! I think one of the things I am most excited about is that we will have plenty of time for my girls to just be kids, play outside, go on field trips, explore their interests, and just have FUN!

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you all have a great start to the new school year!


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