Heart Container Activities

Popping in today with MORE Valentine’s Day themed FUN! Who else has these awesome little heart containers and is excited to use them in activities?!

I found these little plastic heart containers at Wal-Mart and am here to share a few ways to use them over the next few weeks! Any colorful small heart containers will work.

Now let’s chat a few ways to use these heart containers! If the picture shows a printable then you can click on it to grab it FREE! Yay!

Needing a little letter recognition practice? Fill each plastic heart container with a magnetic letter. Then print off this FREE ALPHABET CHART and have your kiddos pick a heart, open it up, identify and name the letter, then match it to the correct letter on the chart. Super simple! In the download, I’ve also included an uppercase and lowercase tracing page which can be substituted for the alphabet chart if you want to include handwriting practice and they’re also perfect to use as a recording sheet for centers.

Now this one is as simple as it gets! Pop those hearts open so you can use the tops and bottoms, then set them out in a basket. Invite your littles to create colorful heart patterns. Grab this recording sheet in the download if you’d like.

These little containers work great in sensory bins. They are the perfect size for scooping and pouring. Check out this POST full of Valentine’s Day-themed sensory bin ideas.

Here is a fun way to get in a little one-to-one counting practice. Fill each heart container with some conversation candies, then label each container with a different number. Invite your little to pick a heart, count the total number of candies, then record their answers on the included download sheet.

Heart stamping is so much fun and is perfect for creating Valentine’s Day cards, gifts, or even student valentine card bags! Grab a few of your favorite holiday paint colors then use the bottoms of the heart containers as stamps.

I was so excited to see that these little containers were the perfect size for dice! Toss one in a container, cover, shake, then count and color that many hearts. Keep shaking and coloring until your page is full.

I am so excited to pull our containers back out and get these activities set up for the girls. They are so easy to prep and a fun way to get in a little themed learning.


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