End of the School Year Ideas

I can hardly believe that summer break is near! If you’re looking for a few fun end of the school year ideas that are sure to wrap things up in a memorable and simple way, you’ve come to the right place.

Simple End of the School Year Ideas perfect for the littles in your life!

easy end of the school year ideas

The end of each school year can be bitter sweet! Everyone is ready for all the summer fun, BUT also a little sad knowing that the year is coming to an end. Whether you’re a homeschooling family or just looking for a few ways to celebrate and remember your child’s school year these ideas are doable and will definitely make your last few days of the school year special.

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end of the year ideas

“When’s the last day of school?” Has your child ever asked you this question on repeat? If so, this is the activity to do! Together with your children create a d countdown to summer chain. You can make this paper chain with just a few supplies and hang it on the wall so your little can tear off one day at a time until you reach your summer break!


  • Construction Paper
  • Paper Plate
  • Yellow Paint
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  1. Paint a paper plate yellow and let dry. Write “Summer Countdown” in the middle of the plate.
  2. Trace you child’s handprint on yellow and orange paper then cut it out. You’ll need multiple handprint cut outs.
  3. Glue the handprints around the rim of the back of the paper plate to create sun rays.
  4. Cut colored paper into 1.5 inch long strips. You’ll need a strip for each day of school you have left in the year. Have your child grab a strip and glue the ends together to form a loop then continue threading and looping to form a chain.
  5. Attach the chain to your paper plate sun.
  6. Tear off a strip link for each day of school you complete until all done for the year!

End of the Year Showcase

Have you collected and saved some of your child’s work from the year? If yes, then it’s time to pull out the stash and invite your kiddo to go through it to set up a little showcase. Have your child go through their saved work and art pieces, chat about their memories, then pick a few to set out on display to share with the fam. This is such a fun way to think back on the year and to see all the progress they’ve made. This is such a wonderful end of the school year idea that everyone will enjoy.

If you’re looking for an easy way to save a few things from the year check out this Lakeshore Keepsake Portfolio! I have one for both my girls and it makes saving a few things from each month EASY! Just pop them in the large year slot and you’re good to go!


summer bucket list for kids

Can’t wait for summer break? Time to create a family summer bucket list! We love making a bucket list full of fun ideas that the girls hope to do over the summer. Sit around the table and share your summer wishes! I like to create our list then hang it on the fridge so we can browse it and check off activities as we do them. Grab this FREE bucket list template HERE so you can create your very own list.


What do you plan to do with all those photos you’ve taken this past school year? How about creating a simple video slideshow to show your child at the end of the school year. Have an i-phone? Follow these steps to make a super simple slideshow in no time at all!

  1. Go through your photos and save the ones you’d like in the slideshow to their own album.
  2. Click the three dots in the top corner and tap on “play memory movie.”
  3. Watch your movie! Want to edit it? Change the music and layout? Click edit in the top right corner then save.
  4. That’s it! So EASY!


kindergarten last day of school

I am a big fan of first day photos so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I also LOVE last day of school photos! Seriously, they grow so fast and it’s just so fun to see their growth from the beginning of the year to the end. For our photos I always like to include a simple grade sign. This year I used these adorable free signs from Where the Smiles Have Been and just LOVE them SO MUCH! I like to purchase a simple frame the Dollar Tree and set the sign inside. *Tip: Take out the glass! It prevents the glare in photos and is safer for little ones who just might drop the sign – you never know!

Also, this year I am so excited (cue the tears) to take last day of school photos of my girls wearing this kid size graduation gown! I can’t believe my baby is all done with kindergarten! Crazy! I found this graduation cap and gown on Amazon HERE!


Now this one is pretty simple, but I think it means the most! As you wrap up the school year take some time to reflect and write a letter to each your kids on their last day. Share a fun memory, chat about their accomplishments, talk about how proud you are of them, and just simply write them a message from the heart. Seal it up and give it to them on the last day. Need a FREE SIMPLE LETTER TEMPLATE? GRAB THIS ONE!


simple end of the year ideas

We did it! We made it! It is officially the last day so it is time to celebrate!

How about an ice-cream social? My favorite way to make simple ice cream sundaes is to grab this single ice-cream cups and then a variety of toppings. Give everyone a cup and let them add their favorite treats then enjoy! No scooping needed and I like that!

Got kiddos who love water? Let’s have a water balloon party! Turn on the sprinkles and fill the balloons for some COOL fun! If you are prepping water balloons I highly suggest these BUNCH O BALLOONS! These rapid fill water ballon sets are AMAZING!

Do you have kiddos who like chalk? Why not have an end of the year outdoor chalk party! So easy to setup and lots of fun!

So many fun ways to celebrate the end of the school year! What do you have planned for your last days?

I’m seriously so excited to do all these things with my girls next week! I definitely didn’t see this year coming (whoa! 2020-2021) and never originally planned to homeschool, BUT overall we have had an amazing year together and I am so PROUD of my girls. So many amazing memories made and lots of FUN!

Can’t wait to revisit some fun memories and make some of our very own end of the year ones. I sure hope you can use these ideas and am wishing you all the best kick off to summer yet!

end of the school year
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