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Hey friends! How are you holding up? Many have been asking about our daily routine AT HOME so I thought I’d share a sample schedule with you all.

I’m definitely one of those mamas who’s had my family, and self, on a routine since…well pretty much from day one. HA! So a routine is nothing new here. My husband might even say I’m a little too stuck to my routine. 
Anyway, routines help give a sense of organization, comfort, and stability. Yes, even LITTLE ONES thrive on ROUTINE and STRUCTURE because it is predictable and provides them with some feelings of personal control. Knowing what to expect can definitely help with behavior and I find in general, it just helps our days go more smoothly.
Here is a look at our sample schedule and how we go about our day AT HOME.

Now you will notice I didn’t place any times on this schedule and that’s because every family is different and what works for mine, won’t necessarily work for yours.  Use this for some ideas and then go create a schedule that fits your family.
Here are some tips for creating your own schedule.
1. Make a list of everything you might want to happen or that needs to happen each day. (wake-up time, meals, work, school activities, outdoor time)
2. Break your day up into 3 chunks (Morning, Midday, Afternoon) and categorize the above list into those chunks.
3. Next, sketch out a full sample schedule for the day!
4. Give it a TRY and ADJUST. If you find your routine isn’t working… CHANGE IT!
Setting up a daily home routine takes practice and repetition. And if you’ve never really had a set routine the first days might be a little shaky (and it’s likely you’ll get some meltdowns from littles), BUT if you continue on (YOU CAN DO IT) everyone will start to catch on and it will just become well, ROUTINE!
Share your routines in the comments below. I’d love to see what you add-in.

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