At-Home Back to School FUN!

Who’s ready for back to school?! Today I’m sharing FIVE ways to bring the magic to back to school without breaking the bank.

We all know this year is going to be different BUT we can still bring excitement and fun to that first day! It will be a great year and our attitude sets the tone for our littles. Here are a few simple ways to add some fun to your child’s first day of school.

If you’re a back to school gift giver I’ve got a fun idea for those of you doing distance learning or homeschool this year! Grab a pair of slippers the next time you’re at the store and pair it with this fun tag! Read the book Pete the Cat Rocking in my School Shoes (or listen on YouTube HERE) and invite your littles to put on their AT-HOME school shoes. Have fun running around your at-home school room and saying things like “I’m reading in my school shoes!”

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Image Credit: A Girl and a Glue Gun

Next up, the first day of school breakfast! You GUYS! I can’t even handle the cuteness of this back to school breakfast idea from A Girl and a Glue Gun. And you won’t believe it but the downloads for this are FREE! I have these printed, cut, and ready to go for our first day. I love how this is inexpensive (just print out at home and pair with a red plate) and how it will add such a FUN surprise to breakfast on my girls’ first day. I’m EXCITED!!!!!

Free Print from

Third Back to School Photos!!! I am a BIG fan of back-to-school photos and no matter how you are going back this year remember to take the photos! Such sweet memories to keep and it really does remind your children to be excited about this year. I like to find a cute print out sign on Pinterest (just search back to school signs) and then place it in a cheap Dollar Store frame (*tip take out the glass when you take the photos). This is easy to prep and always looks adorable! I found these back to school signs for FREE on SO CUTE!

Magic Dough! This is an all-time classroom favorite BUT YES YOU CAN DO IT AT HOME! For this, all you do is grab a ball of white play dough (our recipe is here or use storebought Play-Dohbrand) and then make a small indent with your thumb in the middle. Add a drop or two of food dye and carefully pinch it closed. Place the dough ball in a Ziploc bag and add this FREE TAG! On the first day read the tag and have your littles squish the dough to reveal the color!!!! Tadaa!!! Magic! *Tip have them squish it in the bag first, if not the dye will get on their hands.

School Supply Treasure Hunt! Here is a fun way to get up and moving on the first day! Set out a few school supplies around the house and have your littles go on a supply hunt. When your child finds a school supply have them find it on the sheet and dab it. This is a great time to chat about how you might use that supply this year too!


I’ve got my first day of school bag ready and am excited to share in the fun with my girls here AT-HOME! Remember a few small things can add lots of excitement to your child’s day. You don’t need to do anything expensive, just share in the fun and excitement of the first day of school! I hope you all have an amazing back to school season!! Let me know if you give any of these ideas a try.


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