Halloween Sensory Bin

halloween - sensory - bin

Looking for a fun Halloween themed sensory bin? I’ve got you covered!

I pulled out some orange rice from a past sensory bin (Pssst…be sure to save your dyed rice fillers), tossed in a few Halloween goodies, and my girls happily played all morning!

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YES, they played ALL MORNING!

Seriously, I love a good sensory bin because a little work goes a long way in keeping my girls engaged. Plus, sensory bins encourage creativity, help our kids develop all kinds of skills, and are just FUN!

This Halloween themed bin is simple to make and I’m here to show you exactly how to set your own up!


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What to do:

The first thing that goes in any sensory bin is your main filler! For this bin, I went with ORANGE DYED RICE. Rice is one of our favorite bin bases and SCORE we already had this orange rice ready from a previous bin! Yay!

Dying rice is pretty simple though! You can make your own by simply pouring 1-2 cups of rice into a large plastic Ziploc bag. Then add 5-10 drops of orange food dye and a tablespoon of vinegar. Seal it tight and shake away. Then pour on a baking tray to dry. Tadaa!!!

Want to watch a video on how to make dyed rice? Check out ours here!

After you have added your main filler the next step is to toss in some loose parts or in this case any Halloween goodies you have on hand. Think skeletons, spider rings, plastic eyeballs, toy bats, etc. My favorite place to hunt for add-ins is at my local dollar store!

Now your Halloween bin is ready to go!

Pair it with a few scoops, tongs, measuring cups, funnels, and bowls for scooping and pouring – YOUR KIDS ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS!

Now before setting out the bin be sure to review your sensory bin expectations for example our main rule is:

“We keep the rice in the bin and stay on the towel.”

This helps set expectations and reminds my girls of the way we play with sensory bins. After that quick review is out of the way it’s GO TIME!

Sit back and watch your littles play, imagine, and explore!

What do you think? Will you be creating a Halloween bin this year?

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