Valentine’s Day Sensory Bins

foam sensory bin for kids

Prepping for February and looking for some fun sensory play ideas for your littles? These Valentine’s Day-themed sensory bins are perfect for February and are sure to get your kids excited for all the heart-filled fun!

Loving the colors in these FUN Valentine’s Day sensory bins!

The BASICS TO ANY SENSORY BIN are to pick a FILLER, fill your BIN, toss in some LOOSE PARTS and TOOLS, then let your littles play and explore!

Sensory bins are great for working on so many things and these Valentine’s Day Sensory Bins are the perfect way to kick off February!


Calling all mamas of tiny tots! This bin might be for YOU! Do you have a little one who still enjoys putting things in their mouth and having a little snack? If so, a cereal bin is one of my favorites to help keep things safe. This heart Cheerio bin is easy to set up and if your little takes a bite NO BIG DEAL!

BASE FILLER: Heart Cheerios (but any cereal your little enjoys will work)
LOOSE PARTS: Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters & Heart Ice Cube Tray
TOOLS: Measuring Cups for scooping and pouring!


You can’t go wrong with a simple RICE BIN! Rice has to be one of my FAVORITE sensory bin bases because it’s cheap, easy to dye, easy to clean up, and can be used over and over again! This heart-themed rice bin was such a hit with my girls last year. Take a peek at your local dollar store because everything in the bin can be found there!

BASE FILLER: Dyed Rice (I did a mix of pink, red, and white! Check our How-To video HERE)
LOOSE PARTS: Plastic Heart Containers & Foam Hearts


Ok, this bin has to be one of the prettiest Valentine’s Day bins I’ve made yet! Just look at those pasta colors!!!! Dyed pasta can be done the same way as dyed rice, is super cheap, and makes for a fun variety in shapes. This bin, in particular, is giving me all the fine motor feels because you know my girls can’t wait to thread that pasta and those rings!!!

BASE FILLER: Dyed Dry Pasta – This bin is a mix of Penne, Rigatoni, and Ditalini.
LOOSE PARTS: Plastic Rings, Heart Gems, Pipe Cleaners,
TOOLS: Suggested tools include tongs, scoops, tweezers, spoons, etc.


If you’re not afraid to get a little MESSY this is the BIN! My girls went CRAZY over this beauty and I have to say I thought it was pretty cool too! Have you ever made foam for sensory play? It’s actually pretty easy and CHEAP! Once you’ve got it all whipped up, just add a few supplies and your littles will play happily for a while.

Here’s our EASY recipe. ***NOTE if you’ve got really little ones I would highly suggest using TEAR-FREE bubble bath or soap instead of regular dish soap.***

LOOSE PARTS: Some fun things to add would be magnetic letters, gems, mini toys, etc.
TOOLS: Spatulas, Mini Cups, Measuring Cups, Bowls

So tell me… which Valentine’s Day bin is your FAVORITE? If I’m being honest I’ve got heart eyes for them all and know my girls enjoyed each one! Can’t wait to pull them out again these next couple of weeks!


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