Simple Sticker Activities

simple sticker activities

Let’s chat simple sticker activities! Do you find yourself throwing seasonal stickers into your cart when you are out? If so, I’ve got a few ideas for how you can use them.

These simple sticker activities are EASY to prep and are perfect for pulling out anytime! Think early morning activities, center work, or for those “keep the calm” daily happenings!

Just the action of pulling stickers off a sheet is great for building fine motor skills, but stickers can also be used to practice many other skills/concepts!

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Let’s take a peek at 4 ways to use those seasonal stickers!

simple sticker activities


This activity has to be one of my girls’ FAVORITES! Last week I picked up some fall stickers like these from Target and decided they would be perfect for this! Grab a sheet of paper, sketch a background scene, then pair with stickers! Invite your child to create a sticker scene!

sticker activities


If you have a little working on beginning sounds this is the simple sticker activity to try! Peel and stick a few stickers on a sheet of paper then ask your child to identify and write each pictures beginning sound.

stick match activity for kids


Ready for another hit activity? Sticker match! For this one you’ll need a set of matching stickers so each is a pair. Simply stick down two of each sticker on a sheet of paper – you can line them straight or even mix things up and place them around the page. The goal? Pick a sticker and find its match by drawing a line between both.


Stickers are great for SORTING! Sort by size, color, shape, category, etc. You pick the way to sort and then invite your child to get to work looking through their stickers!

So tell me, what are your thoughts about sticker activities? Are you a fan?

Share your favorite from the activities listed above or let me know another idea! Happy stickering!

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