Gingerbread Themed CENTERS

Did someone say GINGERBREAD? I literally can’t wait to pull out all the gingerbread activities next week and am so excited to give you all a little look at my gingerbread themed activities resource. It is jam-packed with hands-on, engaging ideas that I know my littles (and YOURS) are going to love. Take a peek and check HERE to see everything that is included.

We pulled out all of our December books this week and the first book my oldest asked to read was The Gingerbread Girl by Lisa Ernst. It’s such a fun read and definitely a favorite over here! What gingerbread themed book is your favorite? Here are my all-time top picks for this theme, although, there really are SO MANY and I kind of love them ALL!

The Gingerbread Girl by Lisa Ernst

The Gingerbread Boy by Paul Galdone

Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett

Gingerbread Friends by Jan Brett

The Gingerbread Man by Karen Schmidt

Ten Gingerbread Men by Ruth Galloway

gingerbread counting activity


I can’t even handle my excitement over this hands-on math center! YES, math center-style activity! Pull out the candy and watch your littles practice identifying and counting numbers 1-10 while getting creative to decorate this gingerbread house mat.

gingerbread theme letters


Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sprinkle writing tray BUT I thought for this theme it would ALSO be fun to practice forming letters and numbers by outlining them with candy gumdrops! These cards are perfect to pull out again and again so why not switch up the activity so it seems fresh and new.

gingerbread centers for the classroom


For this activity grab the rolling pin and ask your littles to “roll” and count how many syllables are in each cookie word. They will LOVE using a rolling pin and it’s a great tactile way to get them to hear word parts.

december sensory bins


Have you ever added smells to your sensory bin? This resource includes a simple recipe for gingerbread rice and it smells delicious.  In the bin, I also included cookie cutters, pom-poms, googly eyes, and all the tools for scooping and pouring. I love the simplicity of this bin and can’t wait to see how my girls play with it.

kindergarten math centers


For this activity, littles will be asked to pick a ten frame card, identify the number, and cover. Easy prep and a fun one to add into a sensory bin.

preschool alphabet ideas

Gingerbread Beginning Sound Puzzles

I LOVE these gingerbread letters and self-correcting puzzles. So fun for pulling out for quick letter /beginning sound practice review. *Tip: Don’t lay out all puzzle pieces and letters at once. Instead, just bag a few complete sets together so your little can pick a bag and complete, then put away and pick the next bag.

easy gingerbread house for kids

Looking for an easy way to make gingerbread houses with your littles? Grab some graham crackers, break them in half, and then take 3 to create a triangle-shaped house. Fill the edges with icing and you’re all set to decorate. Just look how cute these turn out!

Speaking of CUTE gingerbread activities…

gingerbread shape activities for preschool


We will be pulling out these gingerbread shapes to practice shape identification. Cut them apart and toss them in a simple sensory bin (pom-poms work great) and you’re set to match and review.


My girls absolutely LOVE fizzing science activities so I had to make a gingerbread themed one. For this one, I created a gingerbread “scene” by filling the bottom of a cookie tray with baking soda (snow), adding some gingerbread people, and a few trees. Then I set out colored vinegar for making snow. Ahhh I can’t wait for them to try it!


If you have some gingerbread stickers then you’ll like this counting activity! Sketch a few gingerbread houses on a large sheet of paper and label each with a different number. Invite your students to identify each number and add that many gingerbread stickers to the house. Great for number identification, counting, and working on those fine motor skills.


Give me all the one-page print centers! GINGERBREAD LETTER MATCH is perfect for reviewing letter names and sounds. Just toss some magnetic letters in a sensory bin and you’re’ good to go.


Lastly, these adorable gumdrop counting mats are great for practicing number identification and formation, and one-to-one counting. Toss them in a morning bin or add them to your early finisher activities for an easy, quick-grab activity.


Play dough invitations are my jam so of course, we whipped up some gingerbread play dough (recipe below) and added it to a tray of fun supplies for an invitation to create. This is always a fun one and I’ can’t wait to see what the girls come up with this year!

Are you loving this gingerbread goodness as much as me?? A gingerbread theme has to be one of my favorites and I just get so excited about it. I love the gumdrops, smell of gingerbread, and those cute little people who “run as fast as they can!” These activities and EVEN MORE can be FOUND HERE in my shop.

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