Easy Prep Polar Animal Activities


Are you looking for some hands-on polar animal activities? If so, this post is for you!

One of my favorite January themes for preschool or kindergarten is polar animals! Kids love learning about these cold habitat animals and I’m excited to share this post of easy to prep polar animal activity ideas.

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Let’s dive right in with this super fun craft!


Paper Plate Walrus Craft

Raise your hand if you are a big fan of paper plates crafts? I know, I sure am! This walrus craft is adorable and is perfect for pairing with a book all about this giant animal!


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Use a brown Do-A-Dot Art Marker to completely paint a paper plate brown. Cut out two brown or beige 3-inch circles and glue them to the plate as pictured above. Break a craft stick in half and glue one-half piece to the bottom of each circle (tusks). Add googly eyes and cut pipe cleaner whiskers. Finish off with an oval nose made out of black construction paper.


Penguin Letter Match

Have fun practicing letter and sound recognition with this quick prep penguin polar animal activity!



Sketch an outline of a penguin and a large sheet of paper. Label the penguin with letters. Cut out paper fish and label each one with a matching letter. Hide the fish around the room and ask your child to hunt for the fish. When they find a fish have them match it to the correct letter on the penguin.



My girls went wild over this FLOAM! This winter slime has such a fun texture and is perfect for adding to a sensory tray with your favorite polar animal toys!

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Add the entire bottle Elmer’s Glue to a Bowl. Toss in the baking soda and mix thoroughly to combine. Now it’s time for the activator! Measure and add 1 tablespoon of saline solution. Mix to form and then as it starts to pull away from the sides add a little saline solution to your hands then knead. Lay the slime flat on a tray and pour a small amount of tiny foam beads in the center then fold in. Continue adding foam beads to the desired consistency. SLIME!

TIP: Adjust the saline solution for the desired FIRMNESS. Too firm/rubbery? Next time add a little less saline solution.


Polar Bear Number Writing Tray

We were in need of a new writing tray this week so I decided to pull out the shaving cream to create this polar bear themed tray!



Spray some shaving cream onto the metal pan. Use your hand to spread the cream to make a flat layer. Give your child a polar bear toy and call out a number. Have them use the polar bear to write the number in the shaving cream. Then have them count out that many polar animals to match and set them in the “snow.”

2D Penguin Shape Craft

This FREE resource can be found on my blog HERE! Have fun creating an adorable craft while reviewing 2D shapes.


Polar Animal Beginning Sounds

I love tieing in beginning sounds practice to what we are doing and using toy figures is an easy way to do it!



Write the beginning letter for 2-3 polar animals on a sheet of paper. Then set out the polar animal toys and have your child match each toy to the correct beginning sound. After they identify each animals beginning sound have them build the letter using cotton balls (snow) or dot stickers.

Searching for more polar animal-themed activities? I have a jam-packed Pre-K Polar Animal Centers and Activities pack in my shop. This resource is full of hands-on centers for literacy and math, just print printables, and additional themed activity ideas like sensory bins, science, gross motor fun, and MORE! Check it out and let me know if you have any questions!

So are you ready for some polar animal fun? I can’t wait to see what you do with your kids. Give us a tag and follow @engaging_littles on IG so we can join the fun.

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