7 Hands-On Ways to Practice Letter Recognition

Do you have a little one who’s working on identifying letters? LETTER RECOGNITION requires practice, so today I want to share with you 7 HANDS-ON ideas that you can do with your littles this week!

These SIMPLE SETUPS for practicing LETTER RECOGNITION are sure to ENGAGE your kiddos and you won’t need a ton of supplies to prep them. WHOO!

Are you ready? 

Let’s take a look at SEVEN HANDS-ON LETTER RECOGNITION activities perfect for preschoolers!


For this activity, all you really need is some paper and a marker (magnetic letters are optional)! Cut strips of paper and write letters across each. On another sheet of paper label the same letters and cut them out as individual letter squares. Have your child pick a letter square, identify the letter, then match it to the strips. If you’re looking to add in some fine motor glue practice, give your child a squeeze bottle of glue and have them glue each matching letter on top. “One dot, not a lot!”


BRING ON THE FUN with this easy prep letter recognition activity. For this one grab a blank sheet of paper and write letters on it. Then, ask your child to roll balls of PlayDoh, they will need one ball for each letter. Place a PlayDoh ball under each letter then have your child say the letter name and smash the PlayDoh as they do it.

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Have you checked out our post on this peel and stick alphabet activity? Read all about it HERE! All you need is a piece of paper, some painter’s tape, and a marker.


Does your little enjoy games? If so, this letter id activity is for them! Again, grab that sheet of paper, our favorite to use is always ASTROBRIGHTS, and write letters across it. You can focus on upper, lowercase, or both. Give your child a sweet reading pointer (FIND out how to make your own HERE) and grab a stopwatch – your phone probably has one. On GO, invite your little to read each letter by name from left to right (directionality) to see how long it takes them to read and name all letters on the sheet. Once they’ve done it once, play again to see if they can beat the clock! This is great for practicing letter name fluency.


My girls absolutely LOVE this alphabet activity! Write letters on a few squares of paper then sketch a simple soup bowl on another. Place the cut squares in a soup pan and give your child a spoon. Have them mix the soup, pull out a letter, name it, then match it to the mat!


Here is a gross motor idea for practicing letters! This Alphabet road can be used to practice uppercase, lowercase, or mixed case letters. Basically, write letters on paper then tape them to the floor to create a road. Grab a toy car and have your child say each letter name as they drive across it. You can read more details about this activity here: Alphabet Road Post


This activity is so fun for working on some left to right pre-writing lines as well as letter naming practice! For this one, sketch a few basic pre-writing lines on paper. Label each line with a few letters. Give your child a marker and have them trace the lines from left-to-right. As they trace have them say each letter name or sound out loud!

Do these letter recognition ideas seem doable? Which one is your favorite? What fun ways are you coming up with to make learning letters engaging for your littles?


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