Addition FUN!

Looking for an ENGAGING way to practice simple addition facts with your littles? If so, I've got an idea for you!

Raise your hand if you've seen this MAGIC water and paper towel COLOR trick going around Instagram?

I mean it's so SIMPLE yet kiddos are amazed by all the colors that magically appear when you throw the paper towel in a shallow dish of water! I have to admit it is PRETTY COOL!

Well, when I saw this idea I immediately thought this is the perfect activity for practicing addition facts!

When reviewing and practicing skills we want kiddos ENGAGED so this activity is perfect for keeping things FUN while also encouraging our littles to practice addition facts.

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So let's start with the basics - WHAT DO YOU NEED TO SET THIS UP?!

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First I folded a paper towel in half and cut it into thirds. EASY!

Then I took a marker and on the FRONT of the paper towels I wrote simple addition problems leaving off the sum/total (answer). 

On the inside, I wrote the answer using a color marker. OOOOOHHHHHH!

Now you are READY! 

Set out the shallow tray of water, the addition problems on paper towels, and some objects for counting.

Ask your child to pick a paper towel, read the addition problem then solve it with the counters.

Are you ready for the MAGIC? Have them TOSS THE PAPER TOWEL IN THE WATER and TADAAA!!!!! The answer is revealed. They can check to see if they were correct.



That's what we are going for.

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This activity is such a fun way to practice addition with preschoolers. It provides excitement while learning!

You can easily switch the skill, think colors, shapes, number identification... GET CREATIVE!

Is this one your little would enjoy?

Let us know and give us a tag if you try it! Have FUN!