Today I am excited to share with you a set of FREE anytime alphabet activities! These activities are low prep, focus on letter and sound recognition, and can be used all throughout the year.  These activities are great for preschool and kindergarten kiddos who are exploring and learning all about letters!


I really like this straight forward activity because it's minimal prep and is perfect for reviewing beginning letter sounds.  All you need to do is print off this one page printable and pair it with a set of magnetic letters.  Ask your child to identify each picture, say its initial sound, then find the letter to match.


Similar to the activity above, alphabet letter match is perfect for little ones working on basic uppercase and lowercase letter recognition.  Print off your sheet of choice, pair with magnetic letters, then have your child pick a letter, say its name (and sound), then find its match.  The letters on these sheets are written in alphabetical order to help littles learn the order.  In our house we also like to use these sheets for chanting!  My daughter will grab popsicle stick then point and chant each letter by saying, "A, /a/."


I LOVE a simple set of letter cards!  REALLY!  These little 3x3 cards are a FAV because they can be used for so many things.  I've included both uppercase and lowercase letters all in an easy to follow handwriting font.  You can use these in a variety of ABC centers, as flash cards, or pair them with a salt writing tray for some letter formation practice.


Do you like clip cards?  This is a set of A-Z clip cards where your little is asked to match each uppercase letter with its lowercase partner.  It is awesome for those who have already been exposed to both uppercase and lowercase letters and is great for review, as well as building those fine motor skills.


AND OF COURSE, tracing sheets always make the list for anytime alphabet activities. You can toss them in a dry erase pouch and pair them with a dry erase marker for easy handwriting practice.  Or switch it up and do some fun letter painting using paint and q-tips!

Let me know what your favorite anytime alphabet activity is and if you're loving these ideas, you can grab all printables in this post for FREE by subscribing to our newsletter community below.


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