20 Winter Activities and Crafts for Preschoolers

20 winter kids activity ideas

Looking for some fun and DOABLE winter activities to do with your kids? I’ve got you covered with 20 awesome winter themed preschool ideas.

In this post I’ll be sharing a ton of crafts, learning activities, and resources that will help YOU easily add winter magic to your month.

Let’s dive right in with one of my favorite MUST-DO preschool winter name crafts – so easy!

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1. Snowball Name Activity

Name crafts are perfect for little ones working on identifying and ordering the letters in their name.

This name craft ties in some fine motor practice which is a PLUS!



A. Write your child’s name across a piece of construction paper – larger is better for little ones.

B. Prep your pompom ball paint tool by clipping a clothespin to a small pompom ball. I like to make a few just in case.

C. Set out a plate with some white paint on it and invite your child to dip and dot each letter in their name.

TIP: Encourage your child to use correct letter formation as they work on each letter of their name. Here is a FREE letter formation chart I like to use.

2. Winter Snowflake Craft

Have you ever seen a real snowflake? Living in California I have only seen one once, BUT I find that whenever we chat about winter, SNOWFLAKES are one of things kids mention first.

Preschoolers love to make snowy crafts and these tape resist snowflakes make for an awesome kids winter craft.

easy preschool snowflake winter craft



A. Use the masking tape to create a snowflake design on your canvas.

B. Set out the paint in various shades of blue and give your child a round sponge brush.

C. Have your child sponge paint the entire canvas blue, covering all the white spots (including tape).

D. Let it dry and then peel off the tape. As a result, they’ll be excited to see a beautiful snowflake design!

3. Preschool Winter Centers & Activities Pack

Looking for math and literacy printables? This winter themed activity pack is full of ready-made learning centers, hands-on activity ideas, and just print pages. (It is jam packed! Over 16 activity ideas/centers!)


I love that I can open this PDF download, click on an activity, print and go!

The activities in this pack are geared for kids aged 3.5-5.5 and are all winter themed!

GET A BETTER LOOK: Preschool Winter Centers and Activities Blog Post

4. Fake Snow

Have you ever made fake snow? It’s so EASY!

Just two ingredients and you’ll have this fun, silky, SNOW that your preschooler or kindergartener will love!

fake snow recipe



A. Add 1 cup of baking soda to a large bowl.

B. Then, add in 1 cup of shaving cream to the same bowl.

C. Mix together using a spatula and as it starts to come together dive your hands in. (My girls LOVE this part.)

D. Mix well until you get the snow-like texture you desire.

E. Add to a sensory bin tub or tray and PLAY!


5. Snowman Plate Craft

Paper plate crafts are one of my favorite kids craft activities to make!

They always turn out so adorable and this preschool snowman craft is one that is totally doable for busy moms and teachers!

Follow the steps below to make your own simple snowman craft and have fun showing it off all winter long.



A. Start with a blank paper plate and add 2 googly eyes to the upper front side.

B. Cut out an orange carrot nose from construction paper and glue to the center of the plate.

C. Use black dot stickers or a Sharpie to draw a mouth.

D. Arch a pipe cleaner across the top of the paper plate and hot glue (adult) down each end. On each end hot glue a pom pom.

6. Crayon Resist Snowflakes

Crayon resist projects are so easy to prep and kids love the “magic” that these types of activities bring.

This white crayon snowflake kids craft can be done anytime in winter and is so easy to prep that it is great for those days when you just want a break.

Just look how pretty the colors are on this one we made last year!



A. Use a white crayon to draw various sized snowflakes on a white piece of cardstock.

B. Paint over your drawing with watercolor paints. Although any watercolor paint set works, we love using these liquid watercolors! The colors always turn out so vibrant.

7. FREE 2D Penguin Shape Craft

I made this adorable 2D shape penguin craft to make with my girls years back and it is still a favorite each winter season with so many of you!

Grab this FREEBIE and have fun reviewing 2D shapes while working on scissor skills, gluing, and following directions.

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8. Loose Parts Build A Snowman

Ok, so I know the loose parts in this activity are more just random finds from around my house, BUT that’s what makes this preschool activity so great.

You don’t need much for this “make a snowman” kids activity. Grab some supplies and simply ask your kids to get to creating.

kids activities



Simply set out all supplies and invite kids to make a snowman. There is no wrong way. 🙂

9. Penguin Letter Match

Do you have a child who is working on recognizing letters? If yes, this penguin butcher paper letter activity is for you!

winter preschool learning



A. Start by drawing a large penguin on a sheet of paper. Be sure to leave open space on your penguin belly.

B. Write letters (I did lowercase) all across your penguin’s belly.

C. Cut multiple fish shapes out of orange paper. Write the same letters as those on your penguin’s belly on these fish (I made these uppercase).

D. Ask your child to feed the penguin by picking a fish, identifying a letter, then matching it to the same letter on their penguin belly.

10. Snowflake Play Dough Tray

preschool winter activities for kids



Fill a tray with a variety of loose parts for kids to use to create. Set out white play-doh and encourage kids to create snowflakes, winter scenes, and MORE!

11. Roll & Trace Printables

Looking for some just print winter themed pages to use with your preschooler this season? My roll and trace pack includes letters, numbers, and 2D shapes!

This resource is just print which makes it perfect to use for quick skills review.

You can take a look here: Winter Roll & Trace

preschool winter worksheets

12. Paint on Ice

I see you! You need an EASY prep activity that your preschooler can do after nap or school?

Paint on Ice! This is just as easy as it sounds.

paint on ice kids winter activity


  • ice block (freeze water in a cake pan or any other small bowl/pan)
  • watercolor paints
  • shallow tub or tray to contain mess


A. Fill a cake pan with water and freeze!

B. When ready, remove the ice block from the pan and add to a shallow tub.

C. Pair with watercolor paints and a small cup of water.

D. Set out and let your child paint the ice!

13. Raindrop Counting

Does it rain a lot where you live in winter? This raindrop winter counting activity for kids is low prep and great for working on number identification and one-one counting skills.

kids winter counting activity



A. Tape a sheet of art roll paper up to your wall.

B. Use a marker to draw clouds across the top of the sheet of paper.

C. Write a number in each cloud – you can do this in number order or out of order.

D. Give your child blue dot stickers and have them add “raindrops” to match each number.

TIP: If your child is just beginning to recognize numbers and count, I suggest adding support by drawing dots below each cloud number for your child to count and match.

14. Polar Bear Snack

This is one of the cutest little kids themed snacks I have ever made and it is so EASY!

kids winter themed snack


  • yogurt (plain or vanilla works best)
  • mini chocolate chips
  • Oreo cookies


Fill a clear cup with yogurt. Set an Oreo on top to create a polar bear palm, then add a few mini chocolate chips to finish the paw. Enjoy!

15. Winter Pom-pom Mats

Seasonal pom-pom mats are perfect for working on fine motors skills and can easily be added to centers, morning tubs, or used at home anytime!

Find them here: Winter Pompom Mats

preschool winter downloads

16. Winter Snowman Sensory Bin

If you have little ones at home creating a themed sensory bin can be such a fun way to invite your littles to be creative, play, and learn.

This bin has a dyed rice base and includes fun DIY snowmen that kids can use for filling.

kids winter sensory bin

I want this to just be inspiration for you to create your own! Remember your sensory bin doesn’t need to look anything like this.

Here are my steps for creating a bin:

A. Start with a large plastic tub or bin.

B. Pick your base! Some ideas include: rice, dried beans, pompoms, cereal, flakes, etc.

Read this post: Sensory Bin Bases

Watch this Vide: How to Dye Rice

C. Add loose parts. In this bin you see I have added pompom balls, clear blue gems, foam snowflakes, cotton balls, and mini erasers.

D. Add scoops, bowls, spoons, funnels, tweezeers – anything for exploring! In this bin I used old plastic bottles to create some simple snowman that my girls could fill with the base and loose parts.

Don’t overthink it! Use what you have and have fun!

17. Paint on Foil

Have you ever used foil as your “canvas” for painting? If not, here is your sign to do it!

On this day, we made snowy winter scenes and they turned out so magical!


  • foil
  • cookie tray
  • paint (we used tempera)
  • paint brushes
  • optional glitter


A. Pull out a large sheet of foil and wrap it around a cookie tray. This is your canvas.

B. Set out paint and invite your child to paint a snowy winter scene.

C. Optional: Sprinkle glitter over the top of your painting before it drives.

D. Let dry then cut off the outer edge and hang to enjoy!

18. Snowman Button Count

Ready to get in some number recognition and counting practice?

This snowman activity was one of my favorite easy kid ideas that I prepped for my girls when they were young.

winter activities for kids



A. Draw an outline of a snowman on a sheet of white copy paper. Make sure to add a BIG belly.

B. Cut out multiple colored paper top hats – no need to be fancy.

C. On each top hat write a number (or math fact).

D. Set out the snowman drawing, top hats, and a mix of buttons.

E. Have your child pick a top hat, identify the number, and add that many buttons to their snowman.

19. FREE Winter Prints

Have you checked out my FREEBIES section? I have an entire page full of free preschool resources that can be used at home or in the classroom.

I include anytime freebies and tons of seasonal ones.

This winter print and go pack is listed there for FREE.

Download Here: FREE Winter Print & Go Pack

free winter preschool worksheets

20. Mitten Craft Tray

I love creating different themed craft trays for kids because it allows them to be creative and is always so FUN to see what their finished products look like.

For winter one time I made a MITTEN CRAFT TRAY and this is how it turned out.



For craft trays I simply like to add all elements to a tray (I love these Dollar Tree ones) and then I just give them a simple prompt like “let’s create and decorate mittens.” For this tray I do suggest cutting out the mitten shapes for littles to glue down first and then they can decorate. Have fun!

20 winter kids activity ideas

I really hope this list of TWENTY winter themed ideas, resources, and crafts helps make doing activities with your preschooler easier. Be sure to SAVE the image and come back whenever you need a fun winter kids activity idea!

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