2-Ingredient Fake Snow Recipe

kids fake snow recipe

If you’re looking for the perfect, EASY messy play activity then this SNOW recipe is it.

This 2-ingredient snow recipe can be made in less than 2 minutes, but will definitely keep your kiddos ENGAGED for even longer.

Easy- fake-snow-recipe-for-play

There is something magical about play snow. Maybe it’s the fact that we live in California and my girls have never seen snow. OR maybe it’s because snow is for outside and I let the littles play with this one inside. Either way, making this SIMPLE SNOW RECIPE was a hit and turned out to be the perfect rainy day activity.

This easy to make fake snow recipe is cool to the touch has a crumbly like texture, and can even be molded to make small snowballs.

It’s great for sensory play and makes for the perfect winter-themed sensory bin filler.

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Toss the play snow in a large bin, add some cookie-cutter molds, and mini snowman (find our adorable HOW-TO here), and your kids will play for HOURS! Ok, maybe not hours, but my girls played for a good 45 minutes and that is totally a WIN!


So how do you make this magic snow?

2 INGREDIENTS! Yep, this snow recipe calls for just two ingredients you probably already have on hand at home.

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Ok, now that we’ve collected the supplies it’s time to make SNOW!

Add 1 cup of baking soda to a large bowl. Then add in 1 cup of shaving cream. Mix together using a spatula and as it starts to come together dive your hands in. My girls LOVED this part. Mix well until you get the snow-like texture you desire.

Want it drier? Add more baking soda. More sticky/moldable add more shaving cream.

That’s it! You’re DONE! Now it’s time for some messy sensory play!

Toss it in a large bin, add in some cookie cutters, small toys, cups, bowls, and PLAY!!!!

**NOTE: You may want to lay down some towels or a messy play mat before you let your littles dive in. BUT the good thing is that surprisingly when they are done playing it dusts off pretty easy.

Have FUN! Enjoy! Get MESSY! PLAY and LEARN!

What do you think of this EASY snow recipe?

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